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One domain for the entire African continent
dotAfrica launch: Pending Litigation
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Introducing dotAfrica.

One domain to engage an entire continent with relevant goods, services and information.

One domain for Africa to share the incredible things it is doing, products it is producing and services it is rendering.

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 For Legal and Policies information, visit the Legal/Policies section from the ZACR homepage at

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What can you do now?

Registrants: If you have a trademark or business name or any other right to a name you should pre-validate your right in the Mark Validation System or TMCH.

Registrars: See Onboarding to become ZACR Accredited and offer .Africa domain names to your clients.


Introducing dotAfrica


With so many reasons to believe in the brightest continent on Earth, we are introducing the dotAfrica domain to allow Africa to engage with the world and the world to engage with Africa.

What Is dotAfrica?

Want to know more? This video explains all you need to know about the dotAfrica Top Level Domain.

dotAfrica: The African Internet landscape is about to get a dramatic makeover!

 The ZA Central Registry, in association with regional governments, NGO's and the private sector, will soon be releasing four uniquely African geographic Top Level Domains, or geo TLDs, including:

*The much anticipated, continent wide, .Africa; and

*The major South African City TLDs, namely .Joburg, .CapeTown and .Durban.

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